Synthetic Biology, Molecular Evolution, Astrobiology

Our research focuses on reconstructing molecular time machines as a way to explore and attempt to rebuild lost histories. We use tools drawn from synthetic biology, molecular biology and evolutionary biology to tackle challenging questions in life sciences that will allow us understand life’s fundamental innovations. We hope to reveal underlying molecular mechanisms that are directly and indirectly responsible for maintaining conditions of habitability on our planet’s surface.

Checkout our new paper: How to resurrect ancestral proteins as proxies for ancient biogeochemistry.

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We welcome Savannah Perno (Research Assistant) and Ryan Conant (KEYS Scholar) to our lab!

Looking for the origins of life using synthetic biology: an interview with Betul Kacar by PLoS blogs. Read More >>>

What would happen if you replayed evolution? Betul talks to Jonathan McCrea, presenter of Futureproof NewsTalk Radio of Ireland. More >>>

Postdoc Amanda Garcia receives NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astrobiology.

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UA astrobiology lab looks to the stars for scientific answers to life's biggest questions:

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New article outlines how geochemical organization preceded polymeric information in RNA world. Read More >>>

Betul Kacar and Ytasha Womack's conversation on ancient genes, evolution and alternative futures is published by MIT Media Lab's Journal of Design and Science. Read More >>>


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