We are a young research group at the University of Arizona and we work at the interface of molecular and experimental evolution, genome engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology and astrobiology. Interested in joining? Contact us. 


Graduate students can apply through the following programs:

Additional programs for undergraduates, graduate students and visitors include:  

In general, we are looking for team members who have good personal skills, a willingness to work across disciplinary boundaries, and who are enthusiastic about developing novel experimental systems and techniques. Team members need to have a true interest in fundamental questions that relate to evolution (at the molecular or systems levels), the origins of life and astrobiology. We collaborate with geologists, microbiologists, geneticists and astronomers, so please expect to work in a transdisciplinary research environment. If your skills aren’t listed above, but you are interested in our work and see a possible role for yourself in the group, please feel free to contact us.